How do I go about finding an excellent plastic surgeon who is experienced in filling the eye trough area?


I would like to have the eye trough area filled and need to know how to go about finding a very experienced board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this area.  I know that the results of this procedure depends a lot on the actual injector.  I am a 26 year old female and have eye puffiness/bags that will not go away.  They are not attributable to allergies because I went to an allergist and have been on medication for some months now with no significant decrease in the puffiness.  Please advise.


Yes, facial filler injections in this area can be a bit more complicated to achieve a great outcome than most other areas.  Consider the following web site to assist you in your search ( ) 



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


To find a filler injector who has experience in the eye area, go to the "Find a Surgeon" section of this web site and search for someone in your area who specializes in facial rejuvenation.  Look at the different surgeon's web sites and  find someone who does a lot of injections.  Before making an appointment, ask how many injections around the eye he/she does.  They should also use blunt needles for this area.  Any of the fillers work well in this area.     and has been doing injections for at least 10 years    eye he/she doeseye


Correction of the tear trough area in a young patient -

A key element is to find out if you are a candidate for tear trough correction.  If you have a mild tear trough with minimal to no redundant skin, then you may be a good candidate.  If you have significant fullness of your lower eyelid with excess skin, then correction with fillers in the tear trough is not recommended.  Operative intervention is needed via a technique such as a five step blepharoplasty.


In patients who have developed deep 'tear troughs' at the junction of the lower lid and cheek, adjacent to the side of the nose, the meticulous grafting of fat harvested from the patient's abdomen, hips or thighs can build this area back up and nicely restore a more youthful contour. In some blepharoplasty patients this depression or 'hollow' extends horizontally across the entire junction of the lower lid and cheek, and this must be corrected to obtain the ideal postoperative result.

One guiding principle of reconstructive plastic surgery is short and simple: "Replace like with like." Specifically, where tissue is missing, restore the defect with the same tissue whenever possible. If bone is missing, use a bone graft. If muscle is missing, use a muscle flap. So if fat is missing, the ideal solution is obvious.

To select a surgeon to perform a procedure in the delicate tear trough under the eye, take your time, research the surgeons' education, background, experience and expertise. Look at before and after photos - lots of them and speak to patients who have had he procedure you are considering. Restoring smoothness to the tear trough area, when performed with expertise provides a subtle but noticeable and beautiful enhancement.

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