What can cause flattened areolas a month after breast augmentation surgery that were cut into to insert the implants?


I had breast augmentation done a month ago.  The physician cut into my areolas to insert the implants. I've noticed that the bottom of my areolas are now flattened.  Is this normal?  Could it be due to the support bra that I am wearing and will it go away once I no longer need this bra?


Yes, what you are describing sounds normal.  Please remember that it takes approximately three months to see the final results following a breast augmentation.  If you like what you see, it should only get better.  It usually does not hurt to go back to your surgeon and discuss your concerns. 


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS




Some flattening of the areola is expected initially during the healing period.

It should go back to normal in 6-12 weeks.  If it continues to be flat, then it is possible it needs repair.

Flattening can be due to separation of the underlying tissue and this can be repaired.


Flattening of the areola after trans-areola or breast augmentation is most likely caused by a scar adhesion between the undersurface of the areola and your breast tissue or possibly the pectoralis muscle tissue.  Please see your plastic surgeon for an examination and diagnosis.  In some cases a revision is necessary.

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