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Is it possible for a forehead lift to change eye brow angles?


Hello, I am a 31-year-old male and close to my nose, my eyebrows start angle down towards my eyes. I feel I would look a lot better if they didn't angle downward so sharply. If I put my thumb on the center of my forehead and lift up toward my hairline very slightly, my eyebrows are just where I want them to be! Is there a procedure or process that can mimic this thumb action described? If so, is it permanent and what is the cost range in the (northeast) US?


There are many types of browlifts available. A subtle browlift can make a man or woman appear younger, happier, and refreshed. Too often, brow lifts are too aggressive and leave a person with a look that seems to say "I just had plastic surgery"  Men, in particular need to be very careful when selecting a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery performed well can make a man look natural and handsome. Plastic surgery gone wrong can feminize the face, giving a man a very awkward and very "done" look. 

Start your search by looking at many before and after images. Look for plastic surgeons who give women and men natural looking results. Check their education and training and speak to other patients about their experience. Great plastic surgery doesn't look like surgery. It makes people look great. 


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