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Full body lift? Breast lift? Keep my nipples?


I have lost 150 pounds and have a lot of excess skin. I need a full body lift but I want to keep my nipples intact as I love my breasts. I simply want them shaped & lifted. Is it possible? What are my best options? I know the process will take months, possibly years. What order do you suggest I get the surgeries? I'm willing to travel for my surgeries if I find a suitable surgeon. I lost weight with the lap band and my own personal struggles have left my arms terribly saggy & my thighs as well. Please Help!


Congratulations on your impressive weight loss.  Simply put, yes it is routine to keep your natural nipples when having breast lifts.  There are many more details to discuss with your board-certified plastic surgeon.  Their recommendations would be based on your examination, degree of droop, position of your nipples, volume of breast tissue, amount of loose skin, etc.  Use of implants versus only your own breast tissue would be discussed.  Single or two-stage procedures would be discussed.  Review your surgeon's website for representative photos.

Mastopexy operations (breast lifts) are designed to reshape and lift your breasts, and give you a pleasing result.  Best wishes.

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