Do I have a possible hernia?


I went to the doctor because I found a medium sized lump by my c-section incision (5yrs). It is very painful when I have a full bladder or have to empty my bowels. I have been on a stool softner now for over a week. My Dr. originally said it was a hernia and I went for a CT scan which showed nothing. Then the Dr. said it was inflamed fat and it would go away in a day or two and put me on anti-inflammatory.  The lump is still there and now it is burning here and there throughout the day. Should i go back to the doctor?



 Hernias can be trick things to diagnosis. Just because your CT can was negative does not unnecessarily mean you couldn't still have a hernia. Sometimes exploratory surgery can be required to make the diagnosis. Patient persistence is the key. Yes, returning to your surgeon for revaluation might be a very good idea. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Your symptoms are compatible with a hernia. It may not contain any bowl, but mostly fat. The latter would probably not be visible on a CT. I would definitely return to your doctor or a general surgeon.


Something is not right.  You have burning pain and a lump.  this is abnormal and sometime a diagnosis can be complicated. I would most certainly think of a hernia.  Plastic surgeons are not hernia experts, but a good general surgeon who treats these daily.  I would seek out a second opinion. You should have copies of your records for your consultations.


It is possible to have a hernia small enough not to be seen by CT or the cuts of the cuts of the CT were not thin enough to pick the small hernia.

see your plastic surgeon, most plastic surgeons are fully trained in general surgery, Your plastic surgeon can do the hernia through the c-section scar and not give you a new vertical scar. If You are in need of an abdominoplasty, these procedures can be combined.

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