Hi. I am a model. Did mini tummy tuck with lipo in India 3 years back. Bad result.


I did mini tummy tuck with lipo. Skin above the naval is loose. Lower abdomen is very tight and uneven. Little above the naval a crease is formed which looks very bad. Above the crease skin is loose. What do I do. Please help.


Mini Tummy Tuck does not remove the excess skin above the belly button. It even may cause some hooding of excess skin above the umbilicus.

The laxity of skin above the belly button can be treated as in full tummy tuck BUT this will leave you with a scar around the belly button and a scar vertically in the midline below the belly button.

In some cases a floating belly button can be done but that may cause the belly button to be placed low. There are many machines on the market that claim to tighten skin, but I do not believe they do.



 I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your result. Yes, this can probably be corrected. You should seek out someone experienced in Redo-Tummy Tucks. You most likely will require a Full Lipo-Abdominoplasty. Here is an example of nurse who had a Mini-Tummy Tuck by a Gynecologist and came to us for correction (http://www.garyculbertson.com/photolibraryr%202-a.htm). Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Unfortunately I have seen very few patients which get a good result of a mini tummy tuck like you had. Fortunately the is no problem to convert your situation to a full tummy tuck with the same good results if you originally were a candidate for a full tummy tuck. Unless you are short of extra skin between your belly button and your chest, there is no need for a  vertical scar from where the belly button was removed. I would also encourage you and your surgeon to plan on liposuction to your hips, waist and abdomen and a extended incision to give you a dramatically improved waist. 


"Bad Result" after Mini-tummy Tuck.

With loose skin above the belly button, it sounds as though you really needed a full Tummy Tuck rather than a mini. What you need now requires an examination by a skilled Plastic Surgeon. This time I would use one in this country with all the proper credentials, such as board certification and Aesthetic Society membership. You could need anything from a full abdominoplasty to fat grafting or, perhaps, a combination.

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