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I have horizontal ring like folds that circle the entire circumference of my neck, what can be done?


Each line on my neck forms separate compartments of fat deposits, creating a sausage like appearance of ‘neck folds’ or ‘neck rings'. No matter how much weight I lose I still have the problem. I dropped down to 55kgs and I am 5'7. Although my neck smoothed out a lot, the lines remain very visible. Even the slightest movement of my neck creates the sausage like effect. This is especially noticeable when I lie down. Besides my 2 sisters I have only met another 3 people with the same problem.




 Pictures, video or an examination most likely would be required to answer your concerns. Yes, there are surgeons that just specialize in neck surgery. The fatty or “bull frog” neck can be the most difficult & expensive to correct. Best,


Gary Culbertson, MD, FACS


This is a difficult problem.  The most effective way to treat this is with a lower face and neck lift.  This would include liposuction and detachment of the folds and a tight skin pull.  This would improve the problem significantly. Good Luck.

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