Is Hyaluronic acid bad for pregnancy?


I have had Perlane injected in my nasolabial folds in August 2013 and my face revitalized. I am currently planning to get pregnant and I wonder whether there could be any problem with the acid or if I should wait to become pregnant.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found normally in the body as a precursor to the production of collagen.  Since it is there all the time, naturally you should have no risk with pregnancy.  There have, however, been no studies between pregnancy and use of the hyaluronic acids that I'm aware of.  You might, therefore, refrain from having further injections if you do become pregnant.


Since this is part of your skin, and will be applied in your face subdermal, don't worry about, because it will remain there, it won't act or move to any other place.

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