Ice Pick Acne Scarring...a forever process?


I'm curious to ask if there are any surgeries/treatments associated with the removal of ice pic acne scarring that are a one shot deal or even a few surgeries/treatments, or is it something that I will continue having to do without an end in sight? I am limited on funds, but would very much so like to be rid of these scars on my face.


This is an important question. Unfortunately, until now there is no magic solution to this problem. Some of the treatments that can help would include dermabrasion or  peeling (chemical vs. Laser). The improvement from those treatments is limited to only the superficial lesions. Sometimes I have used Hyalouronic Acid fillers targeting the large and obvious lesions in several sessions and patients seemed to be more satisfied. The most important thing is to have reasonable expectations and not to look for a fast and perfect solution.

Shady Hayek, M.D.


Depending on the skin color and type, one can improve on ice pick acne scars. The very deep scars can be removed using a punch biopsy technique, and grafting with a punch biopsy graft. once healed a CO2 laser resurfacing can be done. Sometimes you can do the CO2 resurfacing at the same time, with good improvement. You have to have the right white color skin for the resurfacing to have a good result.

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