Do you have any idea about cheek augmentation?


I have a thin face and it almost appears like I have no cheeks. My face is 20 cm high by 10 cm wide and looks a little small in compare with other parts of my body. I am 180 Cm tall, 87 Kg weight and have extra weight in my mid-section but I don't know why my face is like this. So my question is are those sizes normal for a 22 year old man? Do you have any idea about cheek augmentation? Is that surgery helpful? Is there any advice I need to know?


Depending on the level of projection that you have, and your desire, we have 3 options, a filler like Calcium Hydroxiapatite which is an injectable that will last for a year or so. A facial cheek implant that is placed through an intraoral incision or through the lower lid, or maybe we have to advance your bones. Please schedule an appointment with an ASAPS member to be advised.

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