I want implants that were inserted one month ago removed - will a capsulectomy be needed?


I am 27 years old and my breast size was an A cup.  I had 300 cc's, smooth, Silicone gel, high profile implants, under the muscle put in 5 weeks ago.  I really want them removed.  Will I need a capsulectomy?  Will my breasts be the same size as before or even smaller?  Thanks


To answer the question you asked, you could probably get by with removing breast implants after 5 weeks without a capsulectomy, and at 27, the skin will probably shrink to your pre-implant shape though perhaps, with a little smaller breast volume. The real question is why do you wish to do so. Everyone has a mentally down time right after surgery. Yours may just be a little longer than usual. Most of these people will eventually decide that they like the implants. After all, you probably had a good reason for wanting them in the first place.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Five weeks after surgery all you would need is implant removal. Your breasts will most likely return to their previous appearance.

I am concerned that this is a bit drastic so early after your procedure. You should return to your surgeon and discuss this. The first weeks after surgery are a period of adjustment and your emotions can be exaggerated by the stress of surgery.

Communicate your concerns with your surgeon who will help you make the best decision for you. I hope this was helpful.

R.W. Kessler, MD


At this stage, you will probably not need a capsulectomy. The appearance of the breasts will be dependent on how the skin and tissues contract.

Todd Case, MD


You will not need a capsulectomy unless you have an early capsule or hardening which you have not indicated that you have. Your breasts will likely be about the same size since it has only been 5 weeks.

Adrian Lo, MD


The first thing to consider is why you want your breast implants removed so early after surgery. I encourage you to have a discussion with your plastic surgeon about your concerns. If after this discussion you still want your implants removed, you would most likely not need a capsulectomy but would probably have drains for a period of time to try to decrease the chance of fluid collecting in the pocket the implant was in. There will be some change in your breasts but this depends on how healthy your skin and tissues are. If you have stretch marks or your skin is thin, there will be less tightening or contraction. I hope this helps.

M.C. Edwards, MD


I am so sorry you are having this experience. You would likely not need a capesulactomy, but perhaps you could provide us some information, or even photos that would help us understand why so soon after surgery you are interested in having your breast implants removed. In my practice, and in the practice of most experienced breast plastic surgeons, the procedure goes something like this:

1) First consultation to learn about procedure and whether it makes sense for you

2) Second consultation with surgeon to examine you and discuss the particulars of YOUR surgery, size, shape, position of breast implant, etc.

3) Surgery scheduling and pre-op lab work. It takes weeks and sometimes even months for busy plastic surgeons to find time on their surgery schedule to book a surgery

4) Pre-operative appointments. At this time, you go over the surgical plan, post operative instructions, etc.

Of course this is more than the get financed and schedule surgery in three weeks that some physicians offer. But this is not the norm for busy, experienced plastic surgeons. Did you not have a full understanding of the surgery, or did you feel rushed. Or, perhaps someone in your personal life encouraged you to do something you weren't sure you wanted to do.

Please contact the surgeon who performed your surgery right away. If you did not select an ASAPS member as your surgeon, you may elect to contact a member of this board in your area.

For other women reading this post, please understand that we, as plastic surgeons, want to provide what you desire, and we want to do everything possible to work within your schedule. But, busy plastic surgeons simply do not have time in their schedule to fit you in next week. Many (if not most busy plastic surgeons) do not accept financing. Think about it. If you are looking for a permanent change to your face or body, do you want the person with the most flexible schedule and financing. or, do you want the in-demand surgeon? This should be just one of many factors in selecting a surgeon. Look at their training and experience. Look at before and after photos, A LOT of them. Speak to their before and after patients.

If you elect to buy an appliance without much research based on what is available TODAY with CREDIT, that is okay. You may get lucky, or you may not. But when considering a PERMANENT change to your face or body, please take your time.

M.M. Law, MD


Early Implant Removal and Need for Capsulectomy:

If you had your implants placed in 5 weeks ago and want to have them removed, there is no need for a capsulectomy. There should not be a capsule at all and this would add morbidity to the procedure.

R.J. Rohrich, MD


Remnoving breast implants after 5 weeks should not require a capsulectomy. Your breasts should return to normal


Breast implants can always be removed. However, you should have a serious discussion with your plastic surgeon as to the reasons for removing them. A capsulectomy will not be required but a drain will be needed to close the pocket.  The skin will contract depending on the quality of the skin.

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