Can I have my implants removed?


I have had a couple different breast implants replaced due to deflation. I would like to just get them removed. They were placed over my muscle and are pulling my skin down and making it appear saggy. I had a consultation for removal and my doctor said my nipples may fall off and I wouldn't be able to breast feed. He suggested a specialist from a larger state. Could you please recommend a surgeon who could take them out and lift my natural breasts? Thank you for your time and consideration in my issue.


The answer to you question is simple, you just have to choose an ASAPS member plastic surgeon in your State and schedule a consultation, I don't think this is a difficult issue. You disn't say when was your surgery, they just chance the implants plane, do your surgeon put the same size or bigger? Were they saggy before last surgery. Those answers are very important. Good luck


What you are describing appears to be breast ptosis or sagging & Breast Augmentation. If you desire your implants to be removed this certainly can be done. An examination would be required to determine wether a Breast Lift done at the same setting would be to risky. Consider getting copies of all your surgical procedures. Then, consider a consult with an ASAPS Member in your area even if you have to go to another state, They are experts in revisional breast surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Yes your breast implants can be removed. Visit the ASAPS website and search for a plastic surgeon in your area.


Implant can ALWAYS be removed.  If you desire to have perky when you're done, then more procedures may be needed.  Your nipples, unless an extreme situation, will not 'fall off'.  There are many methods to do breast lifts and an autoaugmentation technique would likely work.  A face to face consultation is required so find a local board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through this process.  If you just want simple removal, most can be done in the office under local to minimize costs.


The ASAPS website can give you a listing of board-certified plastic surgeons experienced in aesthetic surgery in your area.  It is unfortunate that you have had problems with prior breast augmentation procedures, understandable that you would want implants removed, and desirable to have the best breast appearance.  You may want to speak to a few surgeons before you select the one you prefer.

Removal of breast implants is not a rare procedure.  Most often in my practice it is done for women who have changed breast size later in life, and no longer want the additional fullness that implants provide.  We frequently discuss whether to also lift the remaining natural breast tissue to enhance appearance.  Sometimes removal and lift are suggested as staged procedures several months apart.  This may help with the concern about good circulation to the nipple area.

It would help your future plastic surgeon if you would bring to your consultation copies of prior operative notes which describe what was done during those procedures.

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