What are the implications of undergoing a treatment with a surgeon who has been suspended?


I have an opportunity to have a specialist procedure that is very difficult to come by in the UK. The surgeon is very experienced and considered widely the best in his field. The thing is, he is currently being investigated for an incident where he breached a patient's trust. If I undergo treatment with him, not only is it likely to happen in his home, but I know that he has no insurance. How would this effect my rights should anything go wrong?


A physician investigation can be very serious or can be a minor infraction by a disgruntled patient.

However, doing surgery at HIS HOME????? The days of a kitchen table as operating room are gone. Surgery should not be taken lightly and should be done is a safe accredited facility where personnel are present for anesthesia and can deal with any emergency. In Manchester you have many good surgeons and facilities.

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