Can I inject my fat into my breasts if I already have implants, but they're little?


I'd like have liposuction and I have this question, is it possible to inject a little of fat in my breasts because my implants are little?


Fat can be injected into an already augmented breast with implants. In fact fat transfer in these cases can improve results and maximize the cosmetic appearance. You need to understand the pros and cons of fat transfer to the breast before you make your decision. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon for detailed discussion and expectations.


Fat grafting to the breast with already inserted implant can be beneficial provided that the indication is determined and discussed before the procedure. It could be advantageous to correct some asymmetries, rippling and augment the volume. It will however not be a substitute to correct severe ptosis of the breast or for capsular contracture removal. However fat graft could improve the results in conjunction with removal of contracture and mastopexi. You should be of course eligible to perform fat graft. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with fat grafting to breast to discus this. Good luck.

Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD

Oslo, Norway




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