Will insurance in my case pay for a tummy tuck?


i have had five children and need to have a tummy tuck to get some sort of abdominal shape back.  I have been sick with celiac sprue and am having a hard time with life right now.  In my case, would insurance pay for a tummy tuck or could you recommend a place where they do low cost tummy tucks but at the same time be safe for me also?


The vast majority of insurance carriers do not pay for cosmetic Tummy Tucks. They can pay for the simple removal of lower abdominal skin called a panniculectomy after pre-approval. Removal of this pannus of abdominal skin is an entirely different procedure with results that are far from abdominoplasties.

Discount cosmetic surgery can sometimes be found at University Training programs for Plastic Surgery. In this setting residents and fellows are learning how to perform such procedures.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS

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