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What is involved in a tummy tuck with artificial dermis inserted?


I had a mini tummy tuck 21 months ago with muscle tightening. The tightening did not work and my stomach still bulged every time I ate or drank anything. The operation was repeated 9 months ago and I'm still having the same problem. I look 4 to 5 months pregnant every time I eat. My surgeon has suggested having another operation to tighten the muscles by using an artificial dermis (from a pig I believe) as he didn't want to use mesh due to risk of infection etc. Does anybody know anything about this or had it done, any ideas on cost? Thanks.


Reinforcement of a weakened abdominal wall is similar to hernia repair. It sounds like your surgeon believes that reinforcement is necessary, and an acellular dermal matrix such as Strattice is a natural alternative. It is used often for hernia repairs and so it makes sense to consider it for a tummy tuck where additional support is needed. It is transformed over time into your own tissue.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D.
Mountlake Terrace, WA

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