No more Juvederm available :(((


Hi, I live in Tehran and because of economic sanctions Juvederm is no longer available here. I wonder is it possible to use another filler while Juvederm is still under my skin . Also is it ok to use fillers which are not FDA approved? The one which is currently used here is a German filler. I was very satisfied with Juvederm but worried about injecting another fillers. I think it might be better to have fat grafting for my nasolabial folds rather than using unknown dermal fillers.


There are a number of good hyaluronic acid fillers available that can be uded instead of Juvederm. For the nasolabial folds, a filler like Radiesse also works excellently. There are also several good fillers in Europe that are not yet FDA (a US agency) approved. Before using one, however, check to see what European agency has approved it. Has the one you mentioned been approved for use in Germany or, particularly, France or England?


You may be able to get another hyaluronic acid filler like Restylane or Perlane.  You should research the fillers till you are satisfied with the information to make an educated decision about which one to use.  European approval of products may not be as strict as the FDA.  As you mentioned, fat grafting is a good way to go, since you are using your own tissue.

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