Can large volume liposuction help with a weight loss situation in a 6'4" male weighing 330 pounds?


I'm 6'4" and the last time I weighed myself I was 330 pounds.  I dropped to that weight from 350 pounds during football season and weightlifting, but I feel like I've hit a stop (plateau).  I drank only water, I ate right, small portions, etc.  I just can't lose any more weight and it makes me feel bad about myself.  It's been a few months now since I did this.  I was wondering if liposuction would be a good idea to help me with this weight loss situation.


Liposuction is NO substitute for weight loss. Although there is some data to suggest that it can jump start further weight loss, the risks of surgery are too great to do this. A better alternative is a procedure like Zerona or CoolSculpting, non-invasive methods of fat reduction (I prefer Zerona since it is totally painless). They, together with a diet, can kick start the weight loss again. However, the main thing you need to do is change your diet by reducing total calories and carbs, making those carbohydrates you do eat as unprocessed as possible and making sure that good fat and protein each make up at least 30% to 35% of your caloric intake.

R.T. Buchanan, MD

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