Can laser hair removal cause the patient to get acne?


My daughter is having laser hair removal and she is getting more acne.  Can the laser hair removal be the cause?


It is doubtful that the laser hair removal is causing your daughter's acne to get worse. Please consider consulting your Dermatologist regarding the worsening acne.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


Our medical spa performs more than 10,000 laser hair removal procedures each year. I am not aware of anyone having acne issues following laser hair removal. Perhaps a cream or gel applied to the skin may be the cause of breakouts. The lasers we use include a Dynamic Cooling Device to cool the skin prior to the laser energy being administered. This is a way to protect the skin from laser energy and make the patient more comfortable. Other lasers require cooling gels or creams. There is a possibility that a topical gel might cause breakouts.

M.M. Law, MD

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