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Can someone get a laser hair removal procedure done in the buttocks region?


For the past few years I have struggled with a case of Pilonidal disease, which is a pocket of infection near the buttocks region that drains and bleeds, and its cause is mostly due to an abundance of hair growing in that area. I have had two operations and both have failed. My surgeon recommended looking into laser hair removal in order to be able to have the surgery once more, and not have to worry about hair getting into the incision and recreating the problem.


The exact cause of pilonidal sinus remains controversial. But hair remains a dominant theory. Pilonidal

sinus has many infected tracts and sinuses. All these tracts need to be removed  to assure healing and lessen the recurrence rate.

Hair around the buttocks can be decreased with laser hair  prior to surgery. Depending on the color and density of hair the laser hair removal can take few sessions. The person doing the laser hair has to be concerned because of infection and drainage, because the handle of the laser hair could get contaminated and can not be sterilized or autoclaved.




I don't think that the laser will go so deep to reach the periostium of the bone where this hair grows in the case of Pylonidal cyst. Laser hair removal can be used in all of the skin of you body if you have dark hair, and it has an specifi penetration in milimiters.

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