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Can you do the laser treatment after you've have a blepharoplasty?


It's been over a year now since my surgery and still have heavy bags under my eyes. I even went back a second time where they removed more fat, and still no improvement. Can you do the laser treatment after you've have a blepharoplasty and will this finally solve the heavy bags problem?


You did not say what type of lower blepharoplasty you had.  Before I can comment on the best course of action for you now, I need to know what was done previously.  Modern blepharoplasty generally try to preserve as much fat as possible.  This generally involves moving some of the fat to fill the indentation below the "bag."  Although removing fat is a quick easy solution sometimes, it frequently does not reduce "bags."  To do this, removal of excess skin and muscle is generally necessary.  Occasionally a laser procedure can tighten the skin somewhat, but this usually is only enough to get rid of mild crackles and generally will not tighten the skin enough to remove "bags."  Since she still have problems after a second procedure, I would suggest a consultation with someone else who specializes in facial rejuvenation, particularly that of the eyelid.


For skin resurfacing you can do it just 3 months after the bleph. Good luck

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