Left and right side of my body are different


The left side of my body including my face is more responsive to movement than the right side which does not respond as fast. All the motions on the left side of my body are normal and easy to control. On the right side they are slower and barely have control over my eyebrows. I also have a lazy eye on my right side which I can barely control as well. Could this be a case of craniosyntosis? I did have an abnormally large head as a baby.


 You might first consider a consult with a Neurologist for an evaluation of your present condition and neurological deficits. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


You should be seen and evaluated for other issues.  These issues much like is discussed below are best evaluated through someone like a Neurologist.  These issues will not be corrected by cosmetic plastic surgery.

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