Lower lid falling. due to accident.


10 yrs, ago I had an accident. A garden hose dropped from my hand, fell on bark mulch, spun quickly and shot both water an mulch into my eyes full force. The next day when applying makeup I noticed that both lids were drooping badly which got worse everyday. My eye doctor said it was aging. I have had many lid surgeries They are drooping again. Could this be a muscle problem? My eyes do not hold tears and are always red and sore.



 So sorry to here about your accident and unsuccessful surgery’s. The lower eyelid, ectropin, ectropin, conjunctivitis, etc. can be difficult areas for correction. Consider a member of the ASAPS that specializes in Occulo-Plastic Surgery in your area. They certainly should be able to assist you. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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