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Is a lower lid lift repairable?


I had a lower lid blepharoplasty to smooth out fat pads under my eyes. I don't know what happened but my eyes are very small and the lower lids are pulled up high and I do not look at all like I used to, I used to have large almond eyes. Is this repairable?


Difficult to tell without an examination. I would recommend you go for another consultation to investigate further. 


Thank you for your question.  This is a fairly common issue with lower eyelid lifts.  We are most concerned with the lower eyelid moving downward this is worse and can cause functional issues.  The lower eyelid needs support but it can cause an upward slant and make the eye appear smaller.  This will  relaxes over time.   It can be corrected.  I would advise a well train surgeon who specializes in eyes.  He will need the operative reports to put a plan together.


Major changes in the lower lid position needs to be addressed. Discuss your situation with the plastic surgeon and he /she is the only one to know what was done to support the lower lid.(Canthpexy, canthoplasty, suture suspension??)If you are early after surgery this can be corrected. late correction may be more difficult.

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