I am a 37 year old female. I underwent gastric bypass surgery 15 months ago and lost...


I am a 37 year old female. I underwent gastric bypass surgery 15 months ago and lost 105 pounds. I've seen lots of information on abdominoplasty, thigh lifts, breast lifts and other procedures for post bariatric patients. I have very large legs for my body and after my massive weight loss, my legs look terrible. I was wondering if there are any procedures for reshaping and/or slimming the calves.


The legs are a common area to be considered in post bariatric surgery weight loss. Assuming you are at your stable weight, there are several options regarding lower extremity contouring. Lateral and medial thigh lifts will improve the laxity of skin from the mid thigh upwards. If you do a complete lower body lift, this will also improve the buttocks. These procedures have little effect on the legs below the knees. Procedures that improve contouring of the legs below the knees include calf implants and liposuction. These procedures must be staged in order to be done safely.


Gastric Bypass Surgery & Weight Loss – If you have undergone gastric bypass surgery and lost your maximal weight and have been stable for 6 months, which is usually after a year to two years, then one can consider doing a central bodylift, thighlift, and breastlift in a staged fashion. The key is to do these procedures in a staged fashion such as a central bodylift and armlift and not doing a central bodylift with a thighlift for patient safety and ease of recovery.

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