Liposuction first or health spa?


I am 5'11" tall, 58 years old, and weigh 245 lbs. I am willing to make a major life change, and get my old body back, so I'm considering going to a health spa to get this started, but it was suggested that I start with liposuction on my stomach, because that is where I carry a lot of my weight. I will of course consult my physician before undertaking this challenge, but I don't know what I should do first. Please advise. Thank you.


Liposuction is totally inappropriate for you at this time.  Although you are carrying some external fat on your stomach, the major fat chewer carrying presently is intra-abdominal.  That is what you need to reduce before considering any surgical procedure.  The only way to properly do this is with a change in your dietary habits.  Health spas are helpful in doing this.  However, they frequently cause you to change your eating habits drastically at one time.  This is similar to a diet which will never work.  Diet's do not work because you never change your eating habits or your tastes for the bad things which you are presently eating.  What you need to do is gradually change your tastes by gradually modifying what you eat.  He should also never substitute a sugar substitute for sugar.  Instead he want to gradually cutback on the amount of sugar or sugar substitutes U use until you no longer using any.  He do the same thing with different foods until you have a balanced diet of one third carbohydrate one third protein and one third fat.  The carbohydrate needs to be low glycemic and the fat needs to be non-animal.  Once you have achieved adequate weight loss which will probably need is a tummy tuck or other than liposuction.  However, that decision needs to be made after weight loss.

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