Should I get liposuction or laser surgery?


I am 22 years old 5'5 and have always weighed between 140-150 pounds. I have exercised and tried diets. I want to do liposuction but I don't want to gain weight in different areas on my body. I heard people gain weight after the procedure, even if they eat healthy so I looked into laser surgery. I'm just afraid it wont take all my weight that I want off in my mid section. Please tell me the pros and cons of both surgeries and will I gain weight in the untreated areas if I get laser surgery or will laser surgery help keep the fat off?


Neither liposuction or laser treatment of fat like Zerona will cause you to gain weight in other areas after the treatment. In fact, just the opposite is true, though it theoretically should not be. After either liposuction or Zerona most of my patients lose further weight. We do give everyone dietary instructions on how to modify their diet to eat more healthily, but we think that the brain's satiation center somehow resets because you look thinner and we assume the brain subconsciously believes you no longer need as much food as you were eating. Liposuction is for more localized areas of fat while Zerona is for more generalized fatty deposits.

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