Is liposuction procedure safe to have only 3 months after having a tummy tuck?


Is it safe to have liposuction 3 months after having a tummy tuck?


Three months after a previous surgery (including a tummy tuck) you should be recovered enough to safely have another surgery (including liposuction). Just make sure that you are fully recovered. Your strength and stamina should be back to normal. I would draw a hemoglobin or hematocrit to measure your blood level and make sure it is back to normal. If so, you should be fine unless your medical condition has changed.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


It depends on what area you are having the liposuction performed. If you are considering liposuction of the tummy area, after a tummy tuck, I might recommend waiting till about 6 months after the tummy tuck surgery to see how everything has healed before going back to doing liposuction of the tummy again.

Adrian Lo, MD

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