Would liposuction get rid of a lipoma 10x10cm on my left shoulder?


I have a large 10x10cm lipoma on the back of my left shoulder.  Would liposuction be the proper procedure to remove it?


Liposuction can occasionally remove a large lipoma.  However, occasionally the particular lesion does not respond to liposuction alone.  I, therefore, obtain permission to open the area and remove the lipoma directly if I am unable to remove it closed with the liposuction.


Well localized lipomas can respond to liposuction (respond well to ultrasound liposuction).

One needs a biopsy of a large lipoma first to make sure of the pathologic diagnosis; also it must be certain that the lipoma is subcutaneous, and not sub-muscular or intramuscular. 


Lipomas must be removed in their entirety or they will recur, especially with weight gain. Liposuction of a lipoma can disrupt the surrounding area causing the lipoma to be very difficult to remove at a latter date.  We do not recommend nor perform liposuction of lipomas.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS

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