Can lips with silicone be repaired?


After 8 years the silicone I had injected has moved and looks distorted and uneven and inside my mouth are hard balls and lumps. What is the best treatment?


Dear Terri,

this is a very difficult and confusing issue to many of us. On one hand, leaving this foreign material inside will leave you with a cosmetically unaccepted result and it might get infected one day, and on the other hand sometimes chasing every little collection might create a lot of damage in your soft tissues. I usually tell my patients this directly and most of them opt for surgical incision and drainage of this foreign material. Please bear in mind that after removing this material many times some form of correction will be required but that can be done by using safer filling material such as autologous fat or HA. Make sure to chose an ASAPS member to help you with your problem.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.


Terri, your question is becoming a more common problem recently as women seek fuller. sexier lips. Your description of the problem is not unique, the answer is a very difficult one and it always requires surgery to correct. As with silicone injected anywhere in the body, the silicone that has migrated or has formed lumps must be removed surgically. This will usually leave some sort of lip deformity that requires repair. In my opinion it is foolish to add further foreign material such as Juvederm, regardless of the type, to a lip that has a damaged blood supply from silicone and its removal. Repair and further enhancement of the lips can be achieved with the judicious use of autologous fat, usually at the same time as the resction.

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