Can liquid silicone be removed from lower buttocks by cutting the area and suturing?


I have had silicone injected into my buttocks, but now it looks long and I have some dimpling on the lower part. That area of my butt does not look elastic. Is there any way that it could be suctioned, and the skin could be tightened with a minor butt lift? Can the sutures appear inside the buttocks instead of on top of it, like the traditional butt lift?


The silicone that was injected is most probably not a medial grade silicone. But commercial silicone and not pure. The body reaction is by forming silicone granulomas. Depending on how it was injected and over how big of an area, the large silicone granulomas can be removed surgically. Injected silicone can not be suctioned. Surgical removal can and will leave a scar. It also may cause irregularities and indents that will need further surgery to improve on the cosmetic results


As mentioned previously this is not medical grade silicone.  The silicone is not able to be removed with liposuction.   You should be seen and evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you appropriately.

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