How long should a mastopexy with implant removal procedure take?


I've been to two different plastic surgeons for consultations on this procedure. One said it would take about four hours and the other surgeon said two hours. I think it's a very considerable difference in time and of course, the price, for that matter. Does more time in surgery mean a better quality procedure or not necessarily?


Time is not necessarily the answer as to which surgeon will give you the better result. They may be performing different types of mastopexies. One may be performing a short scar, one a longer scar. One may be a better surgeon and take less time, or he may not be as diligent and careful and take less time on the sutures.

Do your research, get recommendations from doctors, nurses, prior patients of the offices. Get a third opinion and ask them what their opinion is, and why.


The quality of the end result cannot be inferred from the duration of the surgical procedure.  How long should those operations take is difficult question for us to answer, because we know relatively little about the questioner or details of the plan.  But I can make some remarks that my be helpful. 

In my practice, there are a variety of procedures adapted to patients needs.  Saline implants may be removed more easily (whether intact or deflated) than old gel implants.  Removal of gel implants typically involves complete capsulectomy, which is less time consuming through larger mastopexy incisions than smaller ones.  Capsulectomy duration may depend on the location of the implant.

The type of lift / mastopexy determines how much time may be necessary for that portion.  The duration may not necessarily be longer if longer incisions and longer scars are needed.  Internal shaping work can improve the result and add time to the procedure. 

Finally, and most importantly, the best outcome for you is probably the best looking breast.  If one surgeon has a reputation for superior results, greater expense should be considered, regardless of operative time.  The duration of the operation is not as important as the end result you achieve.  Best wishes. 


It depends of the experience of your surgeon, an experienced one will take no more than two hours.

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