How long would it take to notice the full results of breast surgery to correct a capsulated breast?


I had surgery in January to correct a capsulated breast. I have saline implants behind the muscle. The breast is settled where it is supposed to be instead of riding high like it was. Everything finally healed up great but the breast is still firm? is it ok to massage it? Would that make it better? Or should it already be soft like the other breast by now? I'm so weary over this. I have nursed four children and just want to have normal breasts.. any info would be so much appreciated!


9 months after breast capsulectomy and implant replacement, your breast should be as soft as it is going to be.  He did not say what type of implant she had before or its position.  You also did not say whether you had a total capsulectomy was simply a capsulotomy.  Additionally, you did not state whether or not new implant is textured or not.  All of these things make a difference in whether you resolve the problem of breast capsular contracture or not.  I suggest that you return to your surgeon and discuss your concerns at length.  If you do not get a satisfactory answer, then seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who does significant amounts of breast revision surgery.


In a secondry surgery it will take a little longer to feel smooth breasts. Wait for at least 6 months to see what you are waiting for, and don't forget to keep in touch with your plastic surgeon.



Thank you for your question.  I would expect that at 9 months after removal of breast implant capsule and reinsertion of a saline implant beneath the muscle, your breast would be as soft as it will likely be.

However it is asked for you to be examined by the plastic surgeon who performed your revision and ask his or her opinion.

Do you know if a dermal substitute such as Strattice or AlloDerm was placed over the implant at your time of surgery?

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