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How long after surgery can I start upper body weight training?


I had a reduction, lift and implants 2 months ago. My surgeon is very conservative. I wasn't allowed to put a shirt over my head for 6 weeks. I want to know if I could start doing some upper body weight training and if i should avoid any exercises. I don't want to ruin my pretty breasts.


You have trusted your plastic surgeon to do the surgery. I would recommend that you follow his/her post operative instructions, they know what was done in your specific case.


3 months after the procedure feel free to train. Start slowly and a month after starting  again, do it normally.


Weight Training After Surgery- To do any weight training after any type of cosmetic surgery, you should wait at least 4-6 weeks.  This will maximize wound healing and not injure the area that you had the surgical procedure on.    


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