How long will I have tingling in my face and ears after a facelift?


How long can I expect to have tingling from the nerves in my face and ears after having a facelift?


This varies from person to person, but generally lasts from a few months to a year.  You can lessen the strange feeling by rubbing the area frequently with things that have different texture and with just your hand.  Strangely enough, the more you stimulate the nerves once they start to re-grow, the faster the sensation normalizes.


Each person is different in terms of recovery.  Provided you don't have other nervous system disorders or autoimmune problems that dispose you to nerve pain the standard answer is at least 12 months.


Tingling in Face & Ears After a Facelift – It is not abnormal to have tingling in the face and ears after a facelift as it is part of normal wound healing. This should subside in several months and improve over time.

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