How long should I wait after having a collapsed lung to schedule Breast Augmentation (without a lift)?


I was recently hospitalized with a collapsed lung due to a needle puncture from a misplaced cortisone injection.  I'm wondering what the general time frame would be to wait to safely have breast implant surgery.  I had been planning augmentation for a while but then this happened and I'm afraid I will have to postpone it for a long time.  Your advice please.


Normally, a period of 6 to 8 weeks after such an event would be required before elective surgery should be considered. Consider consulting with your primary care physician regarding Cardio-Pulmonary clearance for your desired surgical procedure.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD


How long you wait after a collapsed lung before having a breast augmentation depends mainly on the anesthesia to be used. If you plan local anesthesia, there will be less pressure on the lung than with general anesthesia. The latter will, therefore, require a longer healing time before being safe. Either way there will be increased pressures within the lung to keep the lung airways open, so you will require a time for the lung to heal enough to resist this pressure and not deflate again. Consult the Thoracic Surgeon or Pulmonologist who is caring for you regarding their recommendations.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Sorry you had to experience this. The lung injury will most likely be adequately healed by 6- 8 weeks but this is a better question for your pulmonologist. Your surgeon should be able to obtain a clearance for surgery from your medical doctor to decide the best period of time to wait for you.

R.W. Kessler, MD


I would definitely wait 6-8 weeks and be sure the collapse has resolved by x-ray. Be sure to tell your plastic surgeon about the collapse and get a pulmonary physician or thoracic surgeon to evaluate your X-ray before proceeding.

R.A. Faires, MD

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