How long should I wait after finishing breast feeding to have a breast reduction?


I know the breast changes during lactation. How long after ceasing to breast feed (I am done having children) should I wait to see a surgeon and have a breast reduction performed?




 Thanks for the great question. Normally, we like to wait two to three months after a patient has stopped breast feeding to perform a breast reduction. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


After breast feeding, you need to wait at least several months or until your breasts are about the size they were before you got pregnant before you have a breast reduction.


My recommendation is to wait for 6 months or more after stopping breast feeding before having a breast reduction performed. That will give your breasts enough time to readjust after all the hormonal influences from pregnancy and lactation have settled down. At that point it will be easier for you and your plastic surgeon to best determine how much breast tissue should be removed to get you the result that you desire.

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