Will I lose any feeling/sensation in my nipples after I have my breast augmentation?


Concerned about losing feeling/sensation in my breasts/nipples after surgery.


There are changes in sensation that are frequent because of stretch to the tissues which include the nerves, but these changes are usually transient and the sensation becomes normal after about 6 months.  More rarely, you can loose sensation to the nipple with an augmentation if the nerve is cut.  The closer you are to that nerve with the incision, the more often this happens, with the periareolar incision being highest.  This is a complication that does not happen very often.  


In augmentation mammoplasty there is always the possibility of interference in sensation of the nipple areola. Though it is very rare, but is possible.

If you are not willing to accept the possibility of such complication or any other potential complications of surgery then you should not do the surgery. That is the safest way.

Any surgery has risks like anything else in life. 


sensory changes after breast augmentation are fairly common, but usually transient over 3-6 weeks on average.  Permanent loss of nipple sensation is rare, but possible.  You should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to help address your concerns further. www.drtoddcase.com

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