After losing 120 lbs. from gastric bypass, is it advisable for me to consider the removal of all the excess skin I am left with?


I have lost 120 pounds after gastric bypass one year ago.  Now I notice so much sagging skin I look like an alien prune being.  The skin on my upper arms is most frightening, however I have it everywhere.  I'm afraid of waking up during surgery which I'm told could happen due to the result of years of smoking.  Is it advisable for me to even consider the removal of all of this excess skin?


These procedures or post bariatric plastic surgery are commonly performed. You should clear timing with your bariatric surgeon first to make sure they agree with timing. Then commonly multiple procedures are performed at the same time to save you multiple recovery periods and save money. As long as the timing is less than about 6 hours you do not increase risks from the procedures. You should look for surgeons who commonly perform post bariatric surgery procedures.

R. Rosen, MD


Body contouring after massive weight loss has become a common and safe procedure. Multiple procedures can be performed at the same time. You should be at a stable weight for about 6 months before having your procedure. Check with your bariatric surgeon. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate.

F. Agullo, MD

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