Are lumps after a Breast Reduction common?


I had a breast reduction two months ago and I noticed a lump on my left breast that is non painful. Should I be concerned?


While it is not unusual for there to be areas of lumpiness in the breasts after a reduction, any new lump or mass needs to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  Most masses in breasts shortly after surgery are benign (non-cancerous), the only way to be certain is to meet with your doctor.  After examining the breasts, your surgeon can determine if further testing is needed.


After breast augmentation one may feel some lumpiness in the breast, these could be benign. However any new lump in the breast should be examined and investigated by your doctor after a good in person examination


This is completely normal since we perform internal sutures that you are not able to see, the body makes a fibrosis around, that's what you feel, don't worry about, and always keep in touch with your surgeon for any concerns.  You will notice that most of your concerns will be solved around the 9th month.

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