Microlipo to correct cheeks fat grafting


Hi, I 'm a 36 years old female, Asian, I have fat grafting to my cheeks 1 year ago,the doctor overcorrected it and now my face look very weird, I have puffy pillows like chipmunk cheeks and it even distorted my smile. How do I fix this? Will microlipo or laser liposuction help? Please help me. I'm desperate.


Some type of liposuction is very reasonable to correct over aggressive fat grafting that is over four months after the grafting. The type of liposuction depends on the surgeon and his/her experience. An experienced surgeon can achieve excellent results with any technique, be it traditional liposuction, laser or ultrasonic.


I would return to the surgeon who performed your initial procedure to receive guidance on next steps.  There are several factors that can influence fat grafting.  I re-evaluate the patient's medical situation, overall health including changes in medication and especially weight loss and weight gain.  Weight gain and loss is especially important in fat grafting and have seen similar situations in patients having fat grafting.

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