Will a mini facelift lift up my cheeks that have dropped from having Silicone injections 25 years ago in the cheeks?


I had Silicone injections in my cheeks 25 years ago.  The injections under the skin have dropped.  I want to lift the cheeks back up.  Will a mini facelift lift up my cheeks?  I want to lift the cheeks without removing the silicone.  Can this safely be accomplished?


Silicone cheek implants, since they are in the soft tissues, fall along with the tissues as we age. Because these implants are in the cheeks, they are too medial for a mini facelift to move. You need a more aggressive facelift and, perhaps, a more central procedure like a mid-facelift to get them back to where they came. This can be done safely.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


I think your question pertains to the free silicone injections to the face and not implants. Injected free silicone migrates and the silicone causes severe inflammatory reactions.

It sounds like you have migration in addition to the aging process. However, a face lift is very difficult to dissect in the presence of silicone granulomas that surround nerves and vessls and make the surgery very difficult. If the silicone injected is silicone oil then during surgery one will encounter significant inflation and silicone oil cysts.

S.F. Shureih, MD

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