Is there a minimum weight or BMI required to be eligible for a Breast Lift with augmentation?


I am 24 (25 next month) and a mother of one.  After having my son my breasts have begun sagging.  I have already had a consult with the doctor who suggested a lift with augmentation.  I have a BMI that ranges from 17.4-19.  Is there a minimum weight or BMI that I would have to be at to be eligible for a lift w/augmentation?  Also if I decide to have another baby in the future, would I be able to breast feed  with an implant that is placed under the muscle?


There are no restrictions on weight or BMI for breast augmentation/lift as long as your weight is stable.  Since you are apparently planning on having another child, you do need to know that there is a possibility you may need breast lift revision after another pregnancy.  It makes no difference whether the breast implant is on top of the muscle or under the muscle if you are planning to breast feed.


Provided you are healthy and have no medical conditions to interfere with surgery and healing, you can have breast lift and breast augmentation with breast implants under the muscle.

Though rare breast implants can interfere with mammogram, sensation, and breast feeding. If you plan having more children, you may need breast revision surgery due to changes in the breast from changes in the breast during pregnancy and breast feeding.


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