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I have consultations with three surgeons in my area (Kansas) and wondering for the tummy tuck I see some say lipo on abdomen is a no no and others say its fine.. Which one is it? Also I have only had my implants/lift a year (got pregnant 4 months after) I have been told a bigger implant would correct the fullness I lost (no lift needed). What happens if after surgery if they aren't to my liking do you get charged full fee to fix?


The very best results of a tummy tuck is when it is combined with suction of the abdomen and hips (waist) are combined with the tummy tuck. This requires a modification of the older techniques but gives far better results. It give a much improved waist and more muscular abdomen. It however requires the surgeon to know the modifications necessary to make it safer than the standard approach. Please see an articile I wrote in the Sept. 2011 volume of the Journal of PRS. The article referred to a consecutive series of 113 patients who had this procedure with fewer complications and better results than with the older techniques.  

Carl W. Lentz III MD FACS


Liposuction with Tummy Tuck

Liposuction used to be considered taboo with a tummy tuck. However, as we have become more experienced, it is now a part of almost all abdominoplasties. Make certain that whomever you see has significant experience with this procedure. As for the breasts, ask your surgeon his/her policy. With proper consultation to determine what you desire preoperatively, you should have no problem with the results postoperatively.


 I certainly agree with Dr Lentz. Many Esthetics surgeons have combined Liposuction with Abdominoplasty for many years. We have been doing Lipo-abdominoplasty's for almost a decade. It is very important that critical pathways are followed when performing other/ combined procedures with an abdominoplasty. Often, you may be required to be monitored overnight after such a procedure and Lovenox shots are administered to prevent adverse events like a DVT or PE. May I suggest you seek out some other members of the ASAPS for a Lipo-abdominoplasty consult.

 The breast concern is an entirely separate issue. Consider asking to try on some implants before surgery. Re-operative surgery because you are not happy can be a complicated issue. Please make sure you write down your concerns and expectations. See if your surgeon is willing to address/ correct all your issues. There are however no guarantees with surgery. There could be additional expenses you may be required to assume if you are not "Happy" with your result and request additional surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS



Liposuction vs. A Tummy Tuck – In general, if you’ve had a child then liposuction alone will not help your abdominal contour and may require a mini or full abdominoplasty in most cases. This will require an examination by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in body contouring.


In addition to the comments below, if you are not happy with your implant results, the cost may be, at least in part, determined by the type of implants you chose.  It may be possible for your surgeon to add a little additional volume, say 25-30 ml, to your saline implants for a nominal fee, but this will only give you a little increase in fullness.  If you have silicone gel implants, they would need to be replaced to make them bigger, and this will likely be much more expensive.  You should discuss your concerns and understand your surgeon"s policy regarding revision surgery before hand rather than after the fact.

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