Two months after a facelift, is it normal not to be able to smile?


My mother had a facelift about two months ago and now she cannot smile.  She had a beautiful big smile that used to show her perfect teeth.  Right now when she tries to smile, her mouth does not open as much and you cannot see her teeth.  I am getting married in a week and a half and I am very concerned about my mother.  I would truly appreciate your advice. 


No, it is not normal to have these problems two months after a face lift.

See your plastic surgeon for an explanation and advice.  You may also seek a second opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.



Lack of ability to smile after a facelift is significantly abnormal.  It can be due to scar and tightness, but is more likely due to a problem with the facial nerve which can be injured during a facelift.  The latter is usually unilateral, but can be symmetrical.  Have your mother return to her surgeon or seek another opinion or both.  There may be nothing that can be done except expectant waiting, but, at least, you and she will know for sure.

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