I am the mother of a 13 year old daughter with a breast size of 32DDD - at what age could she go for a breast reduction?


I am the mother of a 13 year old daughter.  Her breast size is 32DDD.  At what age can she go for a breast reduction?


This is a controversial issue and every case is handled individually, depending upon the symptoms of the condition and the maturation of the individual. At 13, most teenagers are still in the growing phase, and I would not advise surgery in this age group. First of all, I would suggest that she is evaluated by her pediatrician to rule out other benign causes of macromastia (large breasts). Always try conservative measures first if she is having symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, or limitations on activity from her large breasts. Her appearance will continue to change as she goes through puberty and experiences hormone fluctuations. If the condition persists and she is suffering physical symptoms or issues with self esteem, I would consider consultation at or around age 16, or when she is physically and emotionally mature.

Hayley A. Brown, MD

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