Can I have nipple surgery under local anesthesia while pregnant?


I had an implant exchange from saline 375cc to mentor 450cc w nipple repositioning July 25 2013 (special sutures to prevent nipples from stretching back out was placed). My nipples are still uneven and my breasts are fuller in upper pole vs tear drop shape I expected. 1 week post surgery I found out I was pregnant and I want the nipples redone now! Can I do this under local anesthesia while pregnant? Will my nipples stretch out again due to pregnancy? How can I achieve tear drop shape?


You really answered your own question by wondering if you will have some change during pregnancy. The answer is that most likely you will have a change in your breasts with pregnancy with or without breast feeding so the proper course of action is to wait. I would say wait at least 3 months after cessation of breast feeding before having any revision surgery.

I hope this helps

Dr. Edwards


Thank you for your question.  You should delay your surgery until after your pregnancy primarily because pregnancy will certainly alter the shape of your breasts, nipples and areolae.

In addition most plastic surgeons recommend against having any elective surgery procedure including the use of local anesthesia during pregnancy, to protect the developing fetus.

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