Can I have my nipples made smaller?


My nipples fit my breasts now, however if I get a reduction I feel they will be too big. Can I have them made smaller?


Yes, nipple reduction can be performed. An examination would be required to determine whether it would be best to do at the time of your breast reduction or at separate setting. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Nipples can always be adjusted but you need to define what you mean by smaller... shorter height or lesser diameter?  Regardless, your surgeon should be able to provide you with options for achieving your goals.


Nipple reduction is a reasonable procedure that can be done as a stand alone procedure. However, when one has a breast reduction, it is usually the areola that needs reduction, to such an extent that it is a part of almost all breast reductions. The idea of a breast reduction is to reduce the size, elevate the nipple/areola and make everything look proportional and aesthetic.


Yes, nipple reduction is very common and very easy to perform.  It may alter sensation and the exit point of milk production will be altered.  Good luck

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