Is it normal that non absorbable suture threads go out after ear surgery?


My son is 10 years old. 5 months ago he had an ear surgery. Non absorbable threads were used for modeling cartilage, they go out and the doctor cuts these. Is it normal? It is painful because we did it once. Another 3 tips are out of his ear. Please let me know how to solve this?


It is fairly common to feel the non-absorbable sutures used to contour the ear cartilage but it uncommon for these sutures to come through the skin. If they do extrude your surgeon has no choice but to cut the knot and remove them. The contours of your ear cartilage after otoplasty are thought to be permanent so that the sutures can be removed by 6 months. If there are more sutures that are at risk to come through the skin, it may be best for your surgeon to open the incision with anesthesia and remove the remainder of the non-absorbable sutures. There are usually sutures placed deeper that hold the ear back against the head that should stay in place. There is always a possibility that the otoplasty may need further revision  surgery if this happens.

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