Is it normal after removal of implants to have gurgling and air moving inside near my armpits and upper chest muscles?


I had my breast implants removed eight days ago.  I can feel lots of air moving around near my armpits and near the upper chest muscle when I move my arms up and down.  I also hear gurgling inside.  Is this normal and will it go away naturally (how long before everything settles down)? The implants were Silicone, 300cc's, round, high profile, and submuscular.  I had them removed after only six weeks through the under arm incision, with no drains (there was nothing wrong with them, I just wanted them taken out).  Will things go back to normal soon?


What you are describing does sound normal if no drains were placed by your surgeon. May I suggest you schedule an appointment with your breast surgeon soon to address your concerns. Other issues such as post operative seromas, infection, etc. could be at play in your case.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS




Thank you for your question. Yes gurgling sounds and air can be normal following removal of breast implants. Fluid used for irrigation and air can get trapped inside during surgery. This is not harmful and should resolve in a week or two.

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